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Vienna, Austria
By Hannah Laumer

Vienna is the biggest city of Austria and of course the cultural centre of that country. Bands from all over come to Vienna because of the great arty atmosphere and the cultural flair. Patrick Wolf and Rebekka Bakken, etc, produced and recorded some of their LPs in Vienna, and many famous Austian indie and electronical bands are based in Vienna, for example B.Fleischmann and Fennesz. The nice thing about Vienna is the fact, that it is a real hip and modern city but you can feel the history too.


London Calling
Flex, Augartenbrücke 1
Flex is one of the most popular clubs in Vienna, long time ago it was a real underground place but nowadays it's pretty mainstream. But London Calling on Wednesday or even some great concerts are worth to check it out!

Fluc Wanne
Praterstern 5
A club inside a tunnel, very fucked up but a great venue for long indie dance nights! There also is a flea market in summer at the weekend.

Prater Sauna
Waldsteingartenstraße 135
Pretty new and a funny place for weird folk evenings or electronical dance nights.

Stadtbahnbogen, 37-38,
Sometimes there the best club in the whole town takes place: please stay at home with the friendly DJ team with Icelandic, Morr records or Brooklyn Music, often there are Icelandic bands or other great musicians.



Hernalser Gürtel, 1080 Wien
The best place for real underground concerts. Sunset Rubdown, My Brightest Diamond and iliketrains have played some legendary gigs there and the ambience is so special there. The underground tube is going on the top (!) of the place, so you can hear it every two minutes and it feels like there is a huge thunderstorm coming.

Cafe Carina
Josefstädterstraße, im U6 Stationsgebäude, 1080 Wien
Also a great underground place where often are secret gigs, for example by Pete Doherty played there!

Kettenbrückengasse 1
A nice place to party or hang out with friends, there are often good clubbings, like Weird Gong or Riot Quiet. Sometimes there is a flea market or little concerts from local or international bands...

Karlsplatz 5
A great place for all types of art, especially visuals, music and expression dancing. There also are theatre shows and concert gigs.

Lerchenfelderguertel 29-31, 1080 Wien
Also a very popular indie place, every Saturday is indie night and also on other day the music is quite good. there a great concerts and DJs!


Wirr Underground
Burggasse 70
Wirr is a great place. You can go there at daytime and consume some great food (especially the Wirrer burger is so so good!) and at night time there you can have a great party time. On the walls there exhibit always an other artist from the town.

Cafè Espresso
Burggasse 57
A nice place with good electronical music and a nice furniture.

Cafè Leopold
Museumsplatz 1
Also a nice place for electro music, it is inside of the MQ, a wonderful place with several museums and places for modern art, at summer time you can hang out there so good!

Cafè Europa
Zollergasse 8
Nice for a good coffee or teatime break in the afternoon, at night it's also a good place to meet friends.

Das Moebel
Burggasse 10
A great place for hanging out in the evening or have your breakfast after a long party night!

Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 10
It is very hard to find because it looks like a normal garage entry, but that place is every visit worth it! You can buy the whole furniture!

Gumpendorferstraße 10
It is a record, book and furniture store all in one and besides that also a great cafè. In the evening there are sometimes nice films or concerts!

Schönnbrunnerstraße 61
A former gas station, it is now a wonderful place to start a long night. There you will find the most comfortable sofas!

Record Shops

Rave Up Record
Hofmühlgasse 1
The best record store in town, specialized on new releases and old indie rock/folk/pop on CDor vinyl. They also have a good ambient section and some hip hop stuff.

Record Bag
Kollergerngasse 4
A very nice and modern record store, the couple who run it often have creative offers and sometimes there are nice gigs from local bands. It is specialized on Scandinavian music! They also have a nice section with vinyls.

Westbahnstraße 16
A nice and big record store with a great selection of good indie music. They also have CDs from hardly every local artist.

Local Bands


Soap and Skin:
Wonderchild of Austria. Morbid lyrics and wonderful piano workings from the 20 year old Anja Plaschg. She's compared with Antony And The Johnsons and Björk, but so unique anyway.

Marillies Jagsch
Also very dark and poetic songwriting with intense lyrics and a wonderful mystic mood.

Naked Lunch
Best Austrian band! The Vienna based musicians are genius in wonderful indie rock music. They also have some good solo protects (Fuzzman) and made the soundtrack for a great indie film (Universalove)

Ja, Panik
Funny lyrics and good songwriting, compared with Tocotronic.

Nino Aus Wien
A very great musician with wonderful lyrics!

Laura and the Comrats
Great traditional folk songs and perfect songwriting. wonderful artworks!



Neubaugasse 78
A second hand store specialized on fashion from the Sixties. They also sell kitchen stuff.

Hofmühlgasse 6
A nice place for really cool and in second hand and vintage stuff.

Little Joe's Gang
Operngasse 34
A very hip vintage store with funny and suitable clothes!

Lerchenfelder Straße 45, corner Lerchenfelderstraße/Neubaugasse
It is the biggest Humana second hand shop in Vienna and you need some time to rummage but you will get rewarded with nice vintage goods!

Vintage Mode
Mühlgasse 9
It's more a museum than a shop. They have robes from the 18th century and shoes from the 19th century but also nice and afordable vintage jewelery

Zum Roten Elefanten

Gumpendorferstraße 3
A very nice little restaurant with healthy food and a cool retro furniture.

Burggasse 12
An organic burger restaurant with deliscious handmade food!

Margaretengasse 52
A wonderful little restaurant in French style, Amelie Poulain would love it! Healthy food and good drinks are naturally.

Cafe Der Provinz
Maria Treu Gasse 3
Also an amazing place in French chic style with organic crepes and waffles. The best breakfast buffet in town (with delicious organic cheeses, sausages, etc.)

Esterhazygasse 12
A nice little restaurant with organic food.

Fresh Soup And Salad
Wipplingerstraße 1
A good place in the posher district of Vienna where you can eat a good curry bowl with rice for about 4 €. (in the evening there is happy hour and everything half priced).

Elefant & Castle
Neubaugasse 45
Best curry creations in the world and such a lovely place to eat in! it is carried by a lovely girl from london and the foodcreations is really really creative and good! also the muffins are yummy!

Breakfast Club
Schleifmühlgasse 12-14
Good breakfast and great retro design.

A wonderful place in Vienna. It is a market with fresh vegetable and fruits, seafood and meat from all over the world, there are some organic shops and specialities (like a shop which sells handmade organic soaps, a shop specialized on cheese). Every Saturday there is the biggest flea market in Vienna!

Museumsplatz 1
Great place for modern and classical art. There are some very nice shops which sell handmade clothes from local designers or stuff like that and there also is a lomography shop! At Kantine, Daily or Glacics Beisl you can have very good dinner or lunch!

4th, 5th, 6th, 7th district
These districts are the green (political) ones in Vienna. They are urban and full of cultural life. They are often called the hip and boho districts. You can stroll around a whole day and find wonderful old bookstores, nice second hand shops and lovely little cafès.

A nice shopping street without any mainstream shops. There are nice handcraft shops, some vintage stores and creative fashion/designershops

Main Vienna photo © Staci Hausch

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