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Hannover, Germany

by Sabrina Stawiarki

Hannover may not be one of the biggest or most popular cities and many who read this won’t even know about it – however, there is something worth seeing! Hannover is right in the middle of the North and not too far away from Hamburg. During the last 3 years Hannover has changed from somewhat boring into a very vivid city with lots of new things to discover! Of course we can not be compared to cities like Hamburg in terms of music history. Athough there still is the tattoo shop where Damon Albarn got a tattoo. So we do have more to offer then just being famous for the Scorpions. Hannover has various charming little venues, clubs and bars one certainly has to search for, but once you found out you’re more then welcome to join the family. As Hannover’s indie-scene is rather small you will soon find familiar faces and be directed to the right spots!


Most of the venues in Hannover host regular clubs or are cafés/bars during the day, so I find it hard to separate them into different categories.

Apollo Konzept
Leinaustr.1, 30451 Hannover
Next to the independent cinema Apollo, located in the side part of the former theatre, the Apollo Konzept in Linden combines all elements one needs for a good night out. Modern architecture, great organic food and a well equipped bar are an ideal start into the night. Later the guests can just walk down to the basement and start dancing the night away.

Bei Chez Heinz
Liepmannstr 7b, 30453 Hannover (Linden -Limmer)
Among Hannover's students certainly the most popular club in town. Though the ‘Heinz’ hosts mainly punk and ska bands there are occasional exceptions. Nevertheless, other events such as local football matches on big screen, music and film quizzes make the Bei Chez Heinz a special location. I know it is not indie, but among the regular parties there is also a club night called ‘Jugendsünden’ where all songs you never dared to dance to or would ever confess to like are played.

Café Glocksee
Glockseestr. 35 / 30169 Hannover
Well hidden and not very inviting at first (sorry, I was scared first time I entered, but you know I love you!) is Hannover’s most popular club for everything underground. Don’t be scared just go through the backyard and the two-floor venue will open its gates and inside it’s much friendlier and drinks are dead cheap! For many years now the Glocksee hosts events: exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows … for every possible subculture. Of course you should check if a band is playing, but here are some regular club nights worth going:to:

The Guitar Shock
Resident DJ and all time Brit Pop Pope Jens Dreiser’s monthly night out. - favourite indie tunes from the past, present and future.

Private Helicopter
Very young DJ team spinning mainly the new tunes, but are generally full of surprises and ready to shock their audience with unexpected hits.

Ruby Tuesday
Regular admission free club night on Tuesday (!) Be ready to expect something different every week: karaoke, concerts, film or simply the cosy indie launch for people who start the weekend early.

For more info, go to

Kulturpalast Linden
Deisterstraße 24, 30449 Hannover
This small bar and club is a nice venue for a more relaxed night out. Concerts, readings and local poetry slams are regular events.

Spandau Projekt
Engelbosteler Damm 30, 30167 Hannover
In the heart of Hannover’s new scene the Spandau is not only a very good restaurant and art gallery, but has taken over to be the leading live location! A few years ago the Spandau has set new standards for venues in Hannover. The young modern architecture is very inviting and makes you feel at home instantly. Artists like The Mary Onettes, LoFi FNK or Spearmint (just to name a few) have visited the cosy cellar club and enjoyed the familiar atmosphere.

Record Shops

25 Music

Lister Meile 25, 30161 Hannover
As an indie fan you can’t do wrong with going to 25 music. The staff makes sure you get exactly what you want and if they don’t have it they certainly can get it within a few days! Sometimes they can also offer second hand records for less.

Mint Muisc
Fössestr. 1, 30451 Hannover
Brand new record store located in Linden. Little decoration and a very fine selection of indie and electronic music is their philosophy, because music is what it's all about – isn’t it?

Ohrwurm CDs
Deisterstr. 32, 30449 Hannover
Specialising in second hand CDs, Ohrwurm offers a wide range of music usually for a very good price. This is the place to go if you're thinking of completing your CD collection with albums you always wanted to buy but never did.

Weckenustr. 1, 30451 Hannover
Selling mainly second hand records, Rockers has helped almost every indie fan in this city. Specialising in rare vinyl they sometimes make the impossible happen.

Local Bands


Königin Mutter

This electro-pop Duo have already played at the famous Berlin festival and are known for intense live performances that bring more glam to electro-music.

The High Queens

The trio as very well known in Hannover and plays regularly in the mentioned venues. Their music is classical indie power pop, all group members have known each other for many years now and their music has grown with them and become better and better over the years. So you can’t go wrong if there is a High Queens concert in town.


Hannover may not have many famous attractions, but when walking through the city you instantly notice that there is a blood-red line on the ground. Don’ be afraid, that is just the walk that takes tourists to all the popular sights of the city. You can do it with a tour guide or a map from the tourist information, but I suggest you ask a local and they will explain to you how to do it the right way!


Paulstr. 1A, 30167 Hannover
This shop started as a university project to enable young designers to sell their cloths and become known. Meanwhile the shop has also included articles by popular brands like Ben Sherman or Paul Frank, but you will still find unique fashion items, shoes and accessories, that certainly no one else will have!

Engelbosteler Damm 28, 30167 Hannover
Interested in (German) football and sports wear? You are right at Eckball, one of the many fashion shops that developed around the Engelbosteler Damm. The young team made a life out of their hobby selling shirts and other stuff from popular football clubs such as St.Pauli.

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