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Copenhagen, Denmark

If you're going to Copenhagen Popfest this year, then hopefully this page will be of some help - and it would be great if you could send in some more suggestions. If you go to a cool bar, venue, record shop or anything that fits with the spirit of the page, please get in touch. The tips below were put together by me here in London, but based on suggestions I was given when I was in Cophenhagen in 2008, and by following trails on myspace and the like. So hopefully it's all on the right track...


The Banana Hold-Up

Jolene, Flaesketorvet 94
The Banana Hold-Up is a newly founded club night at Jolene Bar, aiming to resuscitate the indiepop scene in Copenhagen and doing a fine job by the looks of it. They play "a beautiful mix of indiepop, twee, c86, britpop, yé yé, nothern soul and sixties girlgroups."

Jolene, Flaesketorvet 94
Club night with bands and DJs, bringing you the "best rock, indie, psych, alternative, experimental and other weird stuff with a fling of rock attitude!" Held at Jolene.

Backstreet Northern Soul Club
Raahuset Halmtorvet 13D
Backstreet Northern soul club brings you some of the best rare and classic soul ever made from the 60s & 70s. All played on vinyl.



Bådsmandsstræde 43, Copenhagen 1407
You'll see the likes of The Brunettes and The Hidden Cameras at this venue in Christiania.

Guldbergsgade 8, Copenhagen 2200
670 capacity venue over three floors that hosts live shows and club nights.

Stengade 30
Stengade 18, Copenhagen 2200
You'll find anyone from Wylie from Entombed playing at this regular concert venue.


Enghavevej 40, Copenhagen 1674
You'll catch the likes of Tindersticks, Sebadoh and The XX at this venue.



Din Nye Ven
Superb bar and live music venue which hosts cool indie pop band and DJ nights. Soda Fountain Rag and Ladybug Transistor have played here. Always worth seeing what they've got going on.

Flaesketorvet 94
Super cool bar inside a converted slaughter house run by two Icelanders called Dora and Dora. You'll hear everything from indiepop to techno here, depending on which night you visit.


Props Coffee Shop
5, Blågårdsgade
Cool cafe.

The Laundromat Cafe
As the name suggests, this is a laundromat and a cafe at the same time. So have a beer and a burger while watching your smalls go round and round and round.

Tjili Pop Café
Rantsausgade, 28a 2200 Noerrebro
Lovably ramshackle cafe.

Byens Kro
Møntergade 8, 1116 København
Dingy, smoky and cosy at the same time. Frequented by young media types, students and musicians it does get a bit rowdy. A lot of indie classics on the stereo. (NV)

Record Shops

Sort Kaffe & Vinyl
Skydebanegade 4, Vesterbro, Copenhagen
Coffee shop and record store that sells sixties pop and oddities on vinyl.

Route 66
Fælledvej 3, 2200 Copenhagen N

The first Route 66 was opened in Aarhus, in northern Denmark, in the late 80s, with this branch following on a few years later. Specialises in vinyl, and actively supports Danish music.

Repo Man
Fensmarkgade 36, Nørrebro
Punk, hardcore and experimental noise at this cool record store.

Sound Station
Gl. Kongevej 94, 1850 Frederiksberg C
Big record store covering most genres.

Vester Voldgade 14, 1552 Copenhagen
Second hand vinyl.

Mint Records
Gammel Kongevej 140A, 1850 Frederiksberg C
Huge record store, where you can buy, sell or swap LPs, singles, CDs and so on.

Second Hand Records
Larsbjørnsstræde 20

Sex Beat Records
Studiestræde 18, 1455 Copenhagen K
Metal, goth and rock.

Beat Bop
Peder Hvitfeldsstræde 14, 1173 København K
Rock, soul, jazz and more.

Æter Butik
Jægersborggade 5
Small vinyl shop, best prices in town and good choices.

Local Bands


Northern Portrait
Formed in Copenhagen July 2007, Northern Portrait is "a band dedicated to sophisticated guitar based pop music with a musical and lyrical edge, that speaks to both the heart, body and mind."

Ampel is cheerful, bright, mainly acoustic pop wrapped up in wry guitar lines overlapping each other and with a lot of jumpy bass melodies.

Tweepop five piece inspired by Rough Bunnies and Black Tambourine.

De Agtige
Female synth pop duo into The Blow and Bearsuit.

Champagne Riot
Duo formed by Caspar of Northern Portrait who play "pure and sophisticated pop music".

The Setting Son
Garage psyche pop five piece.

Darkness Falls
Atmospheric reverb pop duo.

The Rumour Said Fire
Four piece indie folk band inspired by Fleet Foxes and Simon And Garfunkel.

The Elephants
Five piece into Beach Boys, Neil Young and summer nights.

Heartbreak Disco
Noise pop trio.

Atmospheric electronica.


A musical/creative collective formed in the summer of 2004. Devoted to celebrate underground popmusic and commercial purposelessness - as well as uniting fellow rodents in a revolt against corporate cock rock. Kaninkanon is all about "home recorded pop songs, being friendly and doing your thing! We're trying to establish an underground guerillapopscene in Copenhagen". Always worth checking what they're up to.

Thanks to Nicola, for extra tips.
Main Copenhagen photograph and extra review by Niklas Vestberg. You'll also find the same photograph in the booklet for the debut album by Allo Darlin'.

If you'd like to recommend a club, bar, record shop, band or any indie delight for inclusion in the Indie Travel Guide, please email us. If we've included a link to your band/shop etc, it would be lovely if you could link back to us. Thank you!

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