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Malmö, Sweden

Malmö is Sweden's third biggest city and hosts a variety of indie clubs and record shops. The city's population is not larger than 280 000 but with a newly opened university (2000) the population has grown and is now quickly changing the infrastructure of the city's nightlife and its artistic ambitions. The area to head to first in Malmö is the famous neighborhood in and around Möllevångstorget. It's the most ethnically integrated part of any Swedish city with a cheap and alternative pub and nightlife, here you can get a pint of lager for no more than £1.50 and a fantastic midnight snack for no more than a pound in the form of a southern Swedish falafel. If you feel the night shouldn't be over at 5am a quick or a long stop at one of the city's many illegal nightclubs is a must!


S:t Gertrudsgatan 4
All clubs close at 3 am
By the central station in a house built in the 18th century in a cellar with poor air-conditioning and lighting you find Panora. Here you dance at a variety of clubs. But prepare for a sweaty night.

Bergsgatan 29
All clubs close at 2 am
In all newly renovated rooms this place hosts several good indie, hip-hop and electro clubs all playing the less commercial music for the dignified ear.

Retro Restaurang
Norra Skolgatan 24
All clubs close at 3 am and always free admission.
Round the corner from Inkonst lies the newly built apartment hotel Accome and in it you find Retro, a minimalistic but classic restaurant with Sweden's finest selection of single malt whiskey. Here you can enjoy a night of good eating and drinking and finish it in the warm but intimate cellar dancing yourself sweaty to rare indie hits, northern soul or rare disco grooves.

Psych, 60's pop, beat and garage


Indie club playing Joy Division, Kasabian, LCD Soundsystem, post punk, shoegaze, Madchester and so on.

Amiralsgatan 47
All clubs close at 1 am

Don't Die On My Doorstep
På Besök
Once a month they play "the indiepop sounds of today that will be forgotten tomorrow, the fuzzed-out tweepunk of the 90s that you forgot, the janglepop and paisley underground no-hit-wonders of the 80s you just remembered, and the coolest sunshine pop, yé-yé, northern soul and garage-psych of the 60s that you forgot to remember."

Pop Songs
Named after the Tullycraft song "Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know About", Pop Songs host indie concerts and DJ indiepop as well as a bit more mainstream indie.

Everybody Gets Lonely Sometimes
Northern soul, rhythm 'n blues, freakbeat and indie.

Spångatan 38, 21153 Malmö
An old church which hosts a variety of club nights

Club Function
Babel, Spångatan 38, 21153 Malmo
Soul, funk and disco. A love affair for "brilliant rare black music from the 60s onwards."

Babel, Spångatan 38, 21153 Malmo
Run by the thre friends Dennis (Rundgång, Psychic Malmö etc), Micke (Pink Flag and Swim Fast Club) and Magnus (Pastell and Adrian Recordings) will play anything between disco, kraut, new-wave, techno and electro.



Bergsgatan 18
Just down the street from Inkonst lies the oldest rock'n'roll venue in Sweden. KB or Kulturbolaget as it's real name is gives you band concerts with bands like Belle and Sebastian as well as Ziggy Marley. In the weekends KB also gives you nightclubs with everything from indie pop to commercial disco pop.

Pink Flag
Various venues
The best concert organizer in Malmö with alternative and indie concerts. Also a club that plays punk, post-punk and more experimental music. DJs Lina, Micke and Mats

Norra Parkgatan 2, 214 22 Malmö
New venue/hangout in Malmö. Outdoor space is always free entrance including concerts and DJs. Indoor space sometimes has a fee if bands are playing. Rock/metal/punk/hiphop/electro/pop etc stuff. (HS)


Södra Skolgatan 30
Open until 1am, 20+
Also situated in the area of Möllevången this is THE place. Tempo has always been the centre point for Malmoˆs indie elite. There's always a good chance to occasionally spot some of the city's old and new heroes (often behind the record players). Put on your best gear and head here! Staff are all friendly old-school indie, punk and reggae veterans and the food is highly recommended.

Golden Restaurant
Simrishamnsgatan 20 A
Open until 1am, 18+
In the old neighbourhood of Möllevången in a side street, there once was a dodgy old pizza restaurant. Then one day the neighbourhood went hip and so did Golden Restaurant. It's often busy in the weekdays and always full in the weekends. To spot a cute indie kid in here is never a problem, but to dig the music often is, cause even if it's now hip it's still dodgy. Cheap beer though.

Open until 1am, 20+
In the old neighbourhood of Möllevången in a side street, there once was a dodgy old pub called Bistro, then the neighbourhood went hip and the police inspected all the dodgy old pubs and Bistro was history. Volym arose from the ashes with a trendy, but still warm atmosphere. Well worth a visit in the dark of the night before heading for a cheaper joint. Often has DJs and the even has the occasional Smiths/Morrissey evening

Astrid & Aporna
Bergsgatan 20, 214 22 Malmo
The best place to get something to eat in Malmö (in the day time, the have no licence for alcohol yet) is defintely Astrid & Aporna. It's a vegan restaurant -cafe style on Bergsgatan, very close to KB. The staff is supernice, they have awesome food and if you're lucky, you can sense an Acid House Kings song softly in the background.

A great vegan-friendly DIY spirited cafe with lots of punks and radicals.

Record Shops

Musik & Konst
SpÂngatan 5
Specialising in obscure soul, blues and rock'n'roll, Musik & Konst is often considered as one of the best record shops in Sweden with a staff as nerdy as the High Fidelity's. But much nicer.

Kristianstadsgatan 14
With a diversity of music genres as fantastic as Möllevångstorget's population but in a smaller scale this tiny shop primarily feeds you with indie, new wave, electronica, hip-hop, reggae and jazz. All very well selected, mostly second hand. In one of the rooms you can also find vintage and new stuff with a scent of the Sixties. Keywords: ties, plastic, accessories and orange.

Local Bands


Originating from the same part of Sweden as the founder of IKEA, Cardigans now live in Malmö and since 1992 have produced sugary/country inspired music.

No longer existing as a group but as studio musicians and owners of the famous Tambourine studios. They've released but a few records giving a disturbing sunny sound with influences of Velvet Underground as well as the Beach Boys.

David And The Citizens
Angst, happiness and a little klezmer, pretty much concludes the style of David And The Citizens.

Christian Kjellvander
Sweden's leading alt-country singer.

Radio Dept
Noise, darkness and strangeness. The style of this band varies but it's always a joy to hear.

The Fine Arts Showcase
This is the assumed name of singer/songwriter Gustaf Kjellvander (yes, it's Christian's brother), local indie master. His latest album is mastered by the legendary Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub! He is also releasing records on Joe Foster (Television Personalities) label Poppydisc. (HS)

Leaving Mornington Crescent
Formed in 2009, Leaving Mornington Crescent are Stefan and Elisabeth who play dreamy indie pop in the vein of Heavenly and Even As We Speak



Partly based in Malmö, Labrador releases the cream of the crop of Swedish indie pop with bands like the Legends, Acid House Kings, Club 8, Radio Dept, Irene and Suburban Kids With Biblical Names.

Songs I Wish I Had Written
Based in Malmö this label releases the latest electronic pop by bands like Gentle Touch, Le Sport, Lovekevins, Regina and Unarmed Enemies.

Partly based in Malmö, Hybris is a record label, releasing records, digital media and other more or less artifacts associated with pop cultureî. The result is the following bands: Andreas Mattsson (formerly of Popsicle), Hell On Wheels, Kalle J, The Kid, El Perro Del Mar, Sibiria, Vapnet, TIAC (Three Is A Crowd), Like Honey and Montt MardiÈ.

A newly started record label giving out records by the finest new indie bands in Sweden such as Springfactory (Suburban Kids With Biblical Names side project) and Billie The Vision And The Dancers.

Adrian Recordings
Home to David & the Citizens, The Fine Arts Showcase, Familjen, Laakso and many more. (HS)


Folkets Park
A one day festival usually in the beginning of July. Brings us the best alternative bands of the year. Both international and Swedish. Outdoors in a park and indoors with music, sun and beer in plastic cups.

Tambourine Studios
The studio where Cardigans made their first album as well as Eggstone and Franz Ferdinand and many more well recognised bands. Malmö's answer to Abbey Road studios.

Extra reviews by Hanna Sundén

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