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Gothenburg, Sweden

Described by some as the Melbourne to Stockholm’s Sydney, Gothenburg is generally considered to be the coolest city in Sweden. Certainly if you like a Swedish indie pop band, chances are they’ll be from Gothenburg. The city’s most famous son, Jens Lekman, croons a barbed eulogy to Gothenburg’s Central Station in “Black Cab”, while the likes of Irene, Sambassadeur, Love Is All and The Salty Pirates (to name just a few) all hail from these parts. You’ll find the weekend busiest when it comes to clubs and gigs, but there are plenty of record shops and cool cafes to keep you busy for the rest of the time.


Mint Condition
Pusterviksbaren, Järntorgsgatan 12, 413 01, Göteborg
Co-run by Bobby from Irene, this excellent club features two live bands and a DJ set afterwards. Expect to hear the best in indie pop and the odd moment of yacht rock cheese.

Klubb Existens
Henriksberg, Stigbergsliden 7, 414 63 Göteborg
Monthly indie club night featuring live bands.

Pop Klubb
Hatek, Masthuggstorget, Göteborg
You'll hear Moz, B&S, The Pipettes, Pixies and more at this club night.

Klubb Popular
Storan, Kungsparken 1, 411 36 Göteborg
Cool club night that hosts the likes of Cut Copy, plus DJs.

7 Sins
Storan, Kungsparken 1, 411 36 Göteborg
Garage, punk and pyschobilly club night with live bands.



Erik Dahlbergsgatan 3, 411 26 Göteborg
Touring indie bands will probably play at this live music and club venue. Everyone from Stephen Malkmus to The Faint has appeared here.

Järntorgsgatan 12 413 01, Göteborg
Cool two floor bar, with DJs downstairs and live bands and DJs upstairs. The likes of Saturday Looks Good To Me have played here.

Stigbergsliden 7, 414 63 Göteborg

Check out the city’s punk and rock’n’roll bands or have a beer overlooking the city at the rooftop bar.

Kungsparken 1, 411 36 Göteborg
Old opera house in the centre of town. Hosts gigs and club nights.

Sticky Fingers
Kaserntorget 7, 411 18 Göteborg
Concert venue that hosts everyone from Billy The Vision And The Dancers to Dillinger Escape Plan.


Andra Långgatan 20, Goteborg
This coffee shop turned bar hosts DJs and the occasional band.

Masthuggstorget, Göteborg
DJs play indie, electropop and post-punk at this music bar.

Record Shops

Stigbergstorget 1, Göteborg
This book store and record shop boasted six piles of “69 Love Songs” by the Magnetic Fields on our visit, and a pretty fine indie selection too.

Andra Långg. 20, Göteborg
The only place in Gothenburg you can buy new vinyl, Blenda covers soul, reggae and dance culture.

Andra Långg. 33, Göteborg
Excellent second hand record store (the name directly translates as “second hand”). The new stock is displayed in the window, so don’t be surprised to see hipsters with their noses pressed against the glass as you pass by.

Stigbergsliden 16, Goteborg
Second hand record shop

Mynt And Musik
Stigbergsliden 22, Goteborg
Second hand records and books.

Local Bands


Jens Lekman
Gothenberg's most famous son. Avalanches-loving indie crooner, who sets wry storytelling to smart samples.

El Perro Del Mar

Beautifully melancholic pop from Sarah Assbring.

Love Is All
Formed from the ashes of the brilliant Girlfrendo, Love Is All offer skronky but danceable post-punk.

Jangly foursome in thrall to Wilco, B&S and Lloyd Cole.

Onetime glacial indiepopsters who reinvented themselves as an electropop delight.

Bobby's merry band of soul and indiepop loving beach bums.

We Are Soldiers We Have Guns

The Greencoats
Brilliant sixties rock'n'roll drone band in the vein of Loop and MBV.

Bonnie And Clyde
Handclappy exhuberance and madcap charm from these lovable newcomers.

Bye Bye Bicycle
Factory influenced indie pop troupe.

Bonne Idee
Super cool accordian-led indie pop.

Baby, Don't Hurt Yourself
Electro pop duo. As they say: "PSB, KLF, ELO, OMD, 047".


Monthly Magazine
Gothenburg's English language magazine. Covers music, art, culture, drinking and more. Excellent online listings.

GAS Festival
Short for Gothenburg Art Sounds, this yearly festival celebrates cutting-edge art sounds.

Clandestino Festival
Another annual music festival.

Comprehensive guide to Gothenburg's club nights, gigs and events. All in Swedish.


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