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The pick of London's gigs. This list of London gigs is updated every Sunday.
If you have a show that you'd like to submit for inclusion, email howdoesitfeel@btinternet.com - make sure you title your email "Gig Entry" and ensure your submission is in the exact style of the list, so we can cut and paste it directly. If the submission is incorrectly titled or in the wrong format, it won't be added to the list. Do not attach any flyers, jpgs or mp3s to your submission.

HDIF's Gig Of The Week
Sat July 18 - Belle And Sebastian at Somerset House
Fresh from a superb set at Glastonbury festival, Belle And Sebastian throw an open air party in central London, at the gorgeous Somerset House. Expect electropop songs from their recent album, "Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance", mixed in with the indiepop classics of yore, plus a giant dance-off onstage with a huge crowd of fans. And if you fancy more dancing after the show, we're hosting a Belle & Sebastian dance party at the Shacklewell Arms. More info on that here


Sun July 12 - The Specials at Kew Gardens
Tues July 14 - Neil Diamond at O2
Tues July 14 - Country Boys at Windmill
Weds July 15 - Fever Dream + Dog Legs + El C ine + Ray Gun at New Cross Inn
Weds July 15 - Feyd + Secret Tongues at Windmill
Thurs July 16 - Tense Men at Power Lunches
Thurs July 16 - Pika at Windmill
Thurs July 16 - Korn at Brixton Academy
Fri July 17 - The Pre New at the Social
Fri July 17 - The Ramona Flowers at Shacklewell Arms
Fri July 17 - The Franklys at Barfly
Fri July 17 - Galaxians at Power Lunches
Fri July 17 - Red City Radio + Harker + The Burnt Tapes at Windmill
Fri July 17 - Passion Bel Canon + Live//Learn + Boy Names + The Violet Hum at Sebright Arms
Fri July 17 - C Duncan + Fossa + Theo Bass at Lexington
Sat July 18 - Chain Of Flowers at Old Blue Last
Sat July 18 -  Scarlet Realm at All You Read is Love
Sat July 18 - Luminous Bodies + David Cronenberg's Wife + Puma Rosa + BlackMoon1348 + Songs In Thee Key Of Panoptikon + Ben Romans- Hopcroft + Zsa Zsa Sapien at Windmill
Sat July 18 - Belle And Sebastian at Somerset House
Sat July 18 - How Does It Feel To Be Loved? Belle And Sebastian special at Shacklewell Arms
Sat July 18 - Ravioli Me Away at Power Lunches
Sun July 19 - King Salami And The Cumberland Three at Henry Reynolds Garden
Sun July 19 - Speaks + The Burnt Tapes + Sweet Jonny + Ted Dibiase and the Million Dollar Punk Band + Bucha Effect + The Dead Anyways + Slutdrop + The Fleas at Windmill
Tues July 21 - The Drums at Koko
Tues July 21 - Natalie McCool + Youth + Girl Friend at Sebright Arms
Tues July 21 - Mammoth Penguins at Lexington
Tues July 21 - Du Blonde at Shacklewell Arms
Weds July 22 - The Ethical Debating Society + Chorusgirl + Flemmings + Jen Schande at Sebright Arms
Wed July 22 - His New Atlas at Notting Hill Arts Club
Thurs July 23 - Pains Of Being Pure At Heart at Garage
Thurs July 23 - Darwin Deez at Village Underground
Thurs July 23 - Laetitia Sadier Trio at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club
Thurs July 23 - Safe Barracks, Them & Us, Jackson at Lexington
Fri July 24 - Enos + Landskap + Elephant Tree + Mammothwing at Windmill
Fri July 24 - Oh Gunquit at George Tavern
Sat July 25 - Raging Speedhorn + Gurt + Dead Existence + Beholder + A Horse Called War + Torpor + WarCrab at Windmill
Sat July 25 - The Centrals + Will René + Mark Batley at The Betsey Trotwood
Sat July 25 - Fiende Fatale + Imaginary Dreamers + The Silver Stags + Luke Sanders at Sebright Arms
Sat July 25 - Evans The Death at Old Blue Last
Sat July 25 - Do Me Bad Things at Lexington
Sat July 25 - Akiine at Shacklewell Arms
Sun July 26 - Badly Drawn Boy at Barbican
Sun July 26 - Orlando Seale & The Swell, Melissa James, Mermaid & The Fish, Vincent Burke, Swami Baracus, Ardie Collins at Lexington
Tues July 28 - The Gories at Birthdays
Tues July 28 - Du Blonde at Shacklewell Arms
Weds July 29 - Tom O.C Wilson Ensemble + Left With Pictures + Tom Green & the Lungs + Cevanne + Kavus Torabi at Windmill
Thurs July 30 - The Sonics at Forum
Thurs July 30 - Mick Harvey at Lexington
Thurs July 30 - Vinyl Staircase + Lowly Hounds + Rothwell + Damien McFly + Esperi at 229 The Venue
Fri July 31 - Luna at Garage
Fri July 31 - The Earlies at Shacklewell Arms
Sat Aug 1 - Ezra Sound + Missmatch at Sebright Arms
Sat Aug 1 - Dressmaker + Youth Man + Frauds + Them Wolves + Table Scraps + JOHN + Rickyfitts + Lady Skins + The Voodoo Binmen + Busto Power Trio + Dusty Boners at Windmill
Sat Aug 1 - Bunnygrunt + September Girls + Colleen Green + The Spook School + Eureka California + Witching Waves
Sat Aug 1 - The Smith Street Band, Muncie Girls, Shit Present at Lexington
Sun Aug 2 - Papernut Cambridge, Picturebox, Rapid Results College, Brute Love at Lexington
Thurs Aug 6 - Samantha Crain + Benjamin Benedict at Sebright Arms
Sat Aug 8 - Lucy and the Rats + Scraps + Hotgothic + Eight Rounds Rapid + KAYVS + The Flying Rats + Kings Of Comedy + Top Buzzer + Maid Of Ace at Windmill
Sat Aug 8 - Great Big Kiss soul club at The Phoenix
Sun Aug 9 - Haiku Salut + Owl & Mouse + Two White Cranes at Lexington
Mon Aug 10 - War On Women + Perkie + Petrol Girls at Montague Arms
Fri Aug 14 - Trash Kit + The Middle Ones + T-Shirt Weather + Okinawa Picture Show at The Montague Arms 
Fri Aug 14 - Oh Sister + Laura Reznek + Yvonne McDonnell + Cerian Holland at Sebright Arms
Sat Aug 15 - Terminal Cheesecake + Zolle + Khunnt + Britney + Early Mammal + Silent Front + Casual Nun at Windmill
Sat Aug 15 - The School, Papa Topo, Los Bonsais at Lexington
Sat Aug 22 - Department S, Duncan Reid & The Big Heads, Los Pepes at Lexington
Fri Aug 25 - Gypsy Fingers + Hejira + Matthew the Oxx at Sebright Arms
Sat Sept 5 - The Pandoras at Shacklewell Arms
Sun Sept 6 - John Howard + Rotifer + The Left Outsides at Lexington
Mon Sept 7 - Sonny & The Sunsets at Shacklewell Arms
Thurs Sept 10 - Drinks at Lexington
Weds Sept 16 - Night Dials + The Vultures + Les Bonbons at Lexington


If you have a show that you'd like to submit for inclusion, email howdoesitfeel@btinternet.com - please title your email "Gig Entry" and ensure your submission is in the style of the list, so we can cut and paste it directly.

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how does it feel to be loved? is a london club night playing indie pop, northern soul, tamla motown, girl groups, and sixties heartbreak
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