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Kind words of praise about the HDIF compilation

"This album is really really really really really good. Fosca is probably my favourite, but that's only on first listen. Definitely the best compilation I've heard since the Rough Trade one (especially where sleevenotes are concerned). Well done, Ian!"

"The compilation is a thing of beauty. Everything about it sparkles - it's just so rare to get compilations that are so lovingly put together and all the songs are fantastic. Thanks for all the things you do, they mean so much."

"I love the 'Kids At The Club' CD, all the indie pop songs are excellent, especially We're From Barcelona."

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE the CD - have been listening continually and have just rushed home from work to go to my local independent record shop to tell the owner all about it."

"Absolutely love the album - great choices - nice looking." - Sean Forbes, Rough Trade, compiler of Rough Trade Indiepop Vol One

"The CD is fantastic. The spirit at HDIF really shines through it. Your six months on it were well spent."

"I just thought I'd drop you a line to say thank you for compiling and releasing 'The Kids At The Club'. It's been in my diskman since the inevitable Saturday morning post-HDIF trip to the greasy spoon. Naturally the immediate interest for me was the rare Saturday Looks Good To Me track. I was impressed by the amazing chord changes in it although its stripped down sound does serve as further evidence that Fred may be preparing to go solo in a Bright Eyes kinda way... is it true? Irene, 'Stardust' is f*cking great... it's quickly become a favourite in the Tooting Rooms. Regretfully we missed them at the Windmill so I'm even more rampant for the September Supershow at the Windmill. Oh yes. Lucky Soul, 'Give Me Love' is so lush it hurts. It's great to have some Fanfalo. When they played the Pop Art Weekender they clashed with the football in the backroom and the sunny appeal of the beer garden. They started playing to an empty room but by the trumpet part of 'Elephant Graveyard' a mass of people flooded in to see them. I'm also really into Butcher Boy, 'Days Like These Will Be The Death Of Me' and Fosca, 'I've Agreed To Something I Shouldn't Have'... heck all of it's great. Anyhow, you've probably broken yourself putting this all together and I just wanted to say that I really appreciate it, really enjoy it and that I'm really thankful for all you do in the name of quality indie pop."

"Every song is a solid gold winner but special mention to Saturdays, I'm From Barcelona, Salty Pirates, Shimura Curves, Strange Idols, SKwBN .. erm I'm in danger of giving special mention to every band so I'll stop there. An extra special special mention for Irene's 'Stardust' which is 1 min and sixteen seconds of pure joy (where have I heard that before?). It sounds like a lost soul classic played at double time, in a good way. As soon as it finishes I want to hear it again. It really hangs together as an album too, whereas some compilations are 'some good songs together on a CD' this is a great album to listen to start to finish."

"It's brilliant. Without exception, I believe."

"Absolutely storming compilation from new label - How Does It Feel To Be Loved? (which has been a great club night for the past few years in London). Think old school indie pop unpdated for 2006. Splendid stuff."

"That’s Saturday Looks Good To Me, with ‘Edison Girls’. It’s from a new compilation called ‘The Kids At The Club’, based on the club nights put on by Ian Watson. An indiepop compilation it says, it actually says it’s indiepop. The night of the club is called How Does It Feel To Be Loved? – which moves around variously and it’s often found in Brixton in south London. It’s got a huge amount of people on there, all of whom wish that it was still 1986. And that band, who I think are from Michigan, really want to be the June Brides. Just a bizarre thing. But very pleasant if you like that kind of thing and wear a stripy t-shirt, as all the people who go to that venue clearly do.” - Andrew Collins, BBC 6 Music

"We have been listening to this album loads and we're totally loving it! 'The Start Of Something' is the perfect opener, and it all flows so well from there. It's so happy and dancey and I think it's the perfect album to put on whilst getting ready to do some indiepop dancing at HDIF. The liner notes are SO beautifully written, and the energy and passion of the club (and the DJ, and the kids who attend!) totally shines through. I love the little personal anecdotes and how those moments are shared with everyone...along with the photos, just the way it all comes together as a whole and puts everything in context! It's gorgeous! Well done Ian."

"The compilation is fantastic! I bought it at the Seven And Seven Is night at the Buffalo Bar and have been enjoying it since! It's got a nice sweet home here with me in Milan!"

"I absolutely *love* this and have listened to it every day since buying it. Top favourite tunes are Voxtrot, Irene, Lucky Soul, Gresham Flyers. All of it really though!
Happy music for summertime :)"

"Got mine yesterday and it's a truly fine, fine compilation - all killer and definitely no filler... a credit to you, Ian, and all involved. The song that's really got under my skin is the Amida one. Yep, I'm hearing the influence of the Go-Betweens but I'm also getting in the slinky vocal stylings a strong whiff of Barney Sumner (around the time of Lowlife/Brotherhood particularly...) I must have listened to that song at least a 100 times in the last 24 hours and it still sounds fresh as a daisy. Everything else is magnificent too though - it's a proper class collection."

"Excellent comp for sure."

"I think it's really good. I couldn't say there is a duff track on there. And for compilations that's unusual."

'I received the 'Kids At The Club' comp, and already played the hell out of it on Ear Candy this past Saturday. And I've been listening to it regularly since! Bravo! Job well done. I think it will become one of those classic indiepop compilations like 'American Pop Style' and Cher Doll's 'Something Cool'." - Jennifer Kryska, KOOP 91.7fm-Ear Candy

"This is such a fab album! I only dislike one song and for a compy of this size that's pretty good going! I really like the Fosca & Shimura's tracks - can't stop listening to I'm From Barcelona either!"

"The sleeve notes to this I think will start a hundred new indiepop bands. I certainly hope so!"

"Got my copy in the post today and have been dancing away to it. Language of Flowers, Lucky Soul & Salty Pirates songs have been my favourites so far. Good work Ian!"

"Well done. It's a lovely record. If there's a duff track on it I've yet to find it." - Gideon Coe, BBC 6 Music

"I've received the compilation this past weekend, it's great! I love almost all tracks, current favourites are Salty Pirates, Amida, Fosca and Suburban Kids. I hope there will be a Volume 2. Looking forward to it."

"Just want to thank you for the compilation. It's great! And I rarely think compilations are very good cause they're
usually too diverse. This had a really nice set of bands." - Johan Angergård, Labrador Records

"Thanks for the Kids At The Club compilation - I've hardly stopped playing it since it dropped through my door two weeks ago !! I was besotted with 'We're From Barcelona' for days, and loved the Suburban Kids With Biblical Names track, but then other tunes began to stick in my head the more I listened. Current favourites are Fanfarlo and Pocketbooks. Might change tomorrow though. Biggest compliment of all though is that I've snapped up one of the tickets for September 8th, and I'm currently trying to engineer an quick escape from work to get to London from Newcastle in time to catch the first band ! Can't wait. My first appearnace at HDIF, it'll be fab..."

"Just got back from Summer Sundae Festival in Leicester to find a parcel with The Kids at the Club in, yay! Thank you! Was a welcomed piece of timing, as coming back to reality after an ace music festival is always tough. Has cheered me up and is just brilliant! La la la la (that's me singing along to it!)..."

"Thanks for the compilation which I received today and three listens through, I can honestly say it's fab."

"It is, indeed, a great compilation and does very much rival Rough Trade's Indipop One comp!! Congratulations."

"This compilation is great. I have already bought three copies (er one I was drunk and got talked into buying by it Ian whilst at HDIF on the premise that I got a badge) and I have given them all away as presents as people keep saying how much they like the CD. People in my office are bopping along too, one of my developers doesnt believe that Lucky Soul are from Greenwich and are playing at the release party, that they are instead from somewhere in Mid-West America in the 1960's. So I am bringing him along to the gig. Are all of Irene's tracks as short as Stardust? I love how they have that tone and feel to them that makes you think you are listening to them being recorded in some large radio hall with an orchestra. My main problem now is that I have 15 or bands that I want to go out and buy reocrds from (I already knew about Voxtrot and Tender trap) and I dont know who to start getting into first!"

"Got home from Green Man to find my copy of kids at the club on the doorstep. What a beauty! Every song is a winner
Great stuff Ian!"

"A stunning debut album from the newly created How Does It Feel To Be Loved? label. All the songs on here are beautifully crafted and reaffirm belief in the current underground indie music scene. Particular mention must go to Voxtrot for their beautifully tender serenade 'The Start Of Something', Pocketbooks for their wonderful lo-fi symphony 'The First World Record', and Fanfarlo for their sublime 'Elephant Graveyard'. Having said that I could just have easily picked out any three songs from the album and my favourites just keep on changing! Quite simply one of the albums of the year. I hope it gets the respect and sales that it deserves. The world would be a better place if everyone owned a copy of this record."

"A superb indie pop compilation that you should all go out and buy. Right the hell now. I particularly love Lucky Soul, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names and Irene and I'm sure you will too!" - Sarra Manning, author of Guitar Girl.

"I love love LOVE the compilation. It's wonderful. Cheers for the musical sunshine!"

"I bought this compilation after going to the 'How Does it Feel?' night regularly during my year in London. Being an avid fan of indie pop, I was always going to enjoy the contents of it regardless. Nevertheless, it exceeds expectations by far. Reference points from Orange Juice, The Delgados, Belle and Sebastian to the likes of The Orchids, Pastels and The Ronettes are apparent throughout in a compilation where every track confirms that indie pop as a genre is far from dead. Particular favourites include Foxtrot's 'The Start of Something', Butcher Boy's 'Days Like These Will Be The Death of Me' and Amida's 'Virtue Is Your Downfall'. These bands in particular are for me the future of a genre which is long overdue a renaissance."

"I have followed the rise and fortune of the How Does It Feel To Be Loved club night in London run by Ian Watson, formally of the Melody Maker, over the last few years. I have been to the club just once as I live in Manchester, but I really enjoyed the night. The music policy is a mixture of indie-pop and Soul. I keep in touch with the night via its website and the Orange Juice Yahoo group Rip It Up. After 4 years of the club, Ian Watson has decided to release a compilation of new music from bands that reflect How Does It Feels music policy. None of the bands present are doing anything new or innotive but what they are doing sounds excellent. All wear their influences on their sleeves, with The Smiths and Pavement being heavily borrowed from. Bands like I'm from Barcelona and Lucky Soul must be destined for greater exposure. The CD really does have the lovely feel of late summer. I've played it a lot in the car, which is dangerous as I seem to drift into another place."

"Thanks Ian! I got the comp in no time, while I expected I'd be waiting for weeks and weeks to get it down there! It's been on my stereo & my head ever since, I feel like I'm on some kind of heavenly indie desert island... I'd only have one thing to complain about: too many great songs at a time, my head is spinning!"

"I saw this the other day in a record shop and I bought it immediately. I absolutely love it, I really, really do. My favourite tracks are probably the ones by Salty Pirates and Butcher Boy. Speaking of the Butcher boy track, does the second half of it remind anybody else a lot of Resigned, by Blur (I think it's that song anyway - def one of the closing tracks on Modern Life is Rubbish)? This is no bad thing."

"I'm sitting in my house listening to this at the moment. absolutely brilliant It's really not conducive to studying though. There is far too much foot-tapping and chair dancing going on to get any sort of concentration going."

"I was at a party last Saturday, and only a few minutes after I came someone put on The Start Of Something. "Wohoo! Voxtrot!", I thought. The the next song was I'm From Barcelona and I thought, "Hmm, this mix seems familiar...", and yes, it was The Kids At The Club. It was played through twice that evening. It was lovely. It really is the perfect mix-tape."

"It's really like the acest indie pop mix tape, Ian. And it's invigorating to know that these are all modern bands putting out fantastic music right now."

"Just to say thanks very much for the HDIF compilation which I paypalled you guys for and which arrived today. It rocks! or at least, it indie-pops!"

"I received the CD yesterday and i have been hearing it non-stop. Thanks a lot, it just brings back the old good memories. Once again thanks for this beautiful compilations. One day I would really love go down to London and dance all the way to HDIF."

"I write you as I've just got your compilation you send me this week. Congratulations, It's a superb selection of songs, totally charming. It's curious as I already knew all non-UK bands but not many from the new UK scene. Very instructive!"

"Just bought one as a Christmas present for my sister. She's going to love it! Thank you!!"

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