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Who’s who on “The Kids At The Club"

With one foot in the library and the other on the dancefloor, Austin, Texas five piece Voxtrot combine classic 60's pop (think Love and Left Banke) with the heady, subversive sounds of 80's Britain and still come out ahead of their time. “The Start Of Something” was their debut single.

I’m From Barcelona
A 29 piece collective from Sweden, I’m From Barcelona marry the joyous energy of the Hidden Cameras with the symphonic pop of the Polyphonic Spree to create 2006’s most uplifting sound. They recently stole the show at the Primavera Sound festival in…where else…Barcelona, where they were forced to play their debut single “We’re From Barcelona” twice by an ecstatic crowd.

What do they put in the water in Sweden? Gothenburg’s nine strong Irene are the HDIF ethos made flesh – a handclapping, hip-shaking, trumpet-bolstered blend of indie pop, northern soul, girl groups, the American west coast sound and crooner pop. “Stardust” was a radio hit in Sweden, but this is its first release.

Saturday Looks Good To Me
What can we say about the magnificent Saturday Looks Good To Me? A perfect pop six piece from Ann Arbor, Michigan, SLGTM create their own sublime dreamworld where Jonathan Richman fronts The Supremes and The Smiths are signed to Motown. This is the first release for “Edison Girls”, which singer Fred Thomas describes as “our answer to ‘This Charming Man’”.

Butcher Boy
Having been at the heart of the UK’s indiepop scene for the last four years as the man behind Glasgow’s legendary National Pop League club night, John Hunt is now stepping out with a group of his own. Imagine Tindersticks, Felt, Lloyd Cole, Morrissey, and songs to die for. This is their debut release.

Lucky Soul
Heralded as being “almost indecently fabulous” by the Guardian, Lucky Soul are a female fronted five piece from Greenwich, who sound like The Pipettes flirting with Saint Etienne, all sleek sixties melodies and songs to make your heart melt. “Give Me Love” was the b-side of their debut single.


A three piece from London, Fanfarlo play fragile, romantic orchestral pop in thrall to Sufjan Stevens, The Field Mice and Arcade Fire. This is the first release for “Elephant Graveyard”.

Salty Pirates
A five piece from Gothenburg, Salty Pirates infuse the infectious, ramshackle pop of early Pavement with their own gloriously sarcastic spirit. This is the first release for “Black Minds, White Lies”, which has already been a dancefloor smash at HDIF.

Tender Trap
Fronted by indie icon Amelia Fletcher (ex-Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research), and for this track featuring Claudia Gonson of Magnetic Fields, Tender Trap play accomplished, classic indie pop. “Ampersand” is taken from their 2006 album, “6 Billion People”.

Stars Of Aviation
Citing their influences as “English and French folk music and pop music of the 60s”, the nine piece Stars Of Aviation gently trace a line between the Ladybug Transistor and The Lucksmiths. They also feature a bassoon player and someone on violin and gongs – more gongs and bassoons in pop, say we! This is the first release for "Marie Et L'Accordeon".

A five piece from London, Wintergreen create classy pop music with chugging guitars, bloopy analogue synths, tinkly pianos and shiny, sunny harmonies as though Mercury Rev were dirtying up Belle & Sebastian with ideas of Aphex Twin and Stereolab. “The Magic Road” was their debut single.

Shimura Curves
An all-female four piece from London, Shimura Curves play pristine electro pop in the vein of Stereolab and St Etienne. This is the first release for “Noyfriend”.

The Gresham Flyers
London-based sextet The Gresham Flyers are the hybrid of their diverse geographical backgrounds (north, midlands, south and Slough) and the best bits of your record collection, all sprinkled with a little sugar - David Gedge fronting an unruly combination of Sparks and Pulp. Classy, energetic pop, boy/girl singers, handclaps, and hooks you can hang your duffel coat on. This is the first release for “Blackpool”.

Language Of Flowers
A five piece from Belfast and London, Language Of Flowers play heartstopping indie pop in the vein of the Shop Assistants, Heavenly and Stars. This is the first release for “You’reThe One”.

Had the Go-Betweens hailed from Manchester, they may well have sounded a little like Amida: quietly cool, gloriously romantic, indie pop janglers with a pocketful of poetry and a headful of steam. “Virtue Was Your Downfall” was on their debut EP.

Strange Idols
A five piece influenced by Orange Juice, Elastica and The Long Blondes, Strange Idols play cool, clever, indie pop. This is the first release for “She’s Gonna Let You Down Again”.

Pocketbooks are an indiepop group from London, brought together through a shared love of tambourines, handclaps, glockenspiels, jangly guitars and boy/girl harmonies. Think Tindersticks, Belle & Sebastian, The Boy Least Likely To. This is the first release for “The First World Record”.

Led by Dickon Edwards, writer, flâneur, model and all-round 21st century fop, London’s Fosca are currently working on their third album, 'The Painted Side Of The Rocket'. For fans of literate indie pop with an eye for the absurd. This is the first release for "I've Agreed To Something I Shouldn't Have".

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names
Trumpets! Handclaps! Happiness! Swedish six piece Suburban Kids With Biblical Names say they want to “turn all of the dancefloors into a burning inferno of ba-ba-ba” – and who are we to stop them? Imagine Magnetic Fields with a cheeky grin on their face, Jens Lekman with a spring in his step and a host of infectious DIY pop melodies up his sleeve. “Seems To Be On My Mind” is taken from their debut album.


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