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A list of the cool DIY promoters putting on live shows in the UK. These are often small collectives of friends who put on gigs because they love music, and so they'll ensure bands are treated well and paid fairly. If you'd like to suggest a promoter for this list or tell us more about one of the promoters we've already listed, please email promoters@howdoesitfeel.co.uk

A quick guide for bands on how to use this list.

If you're thinking "Great, I'll send an email copying in all of the promoters on the list, one of them's bound to get back to me, right?", then stop right there. This is not a list of promoters who'll put on any old random bands together on a bill - the promoters listed here put on specific nights that deal with specific types of music. So if you're a psychedelic rock band with your own light show or a full-on punk band, it's a waste of everyone's time if you email an indiepop specialist night - because, unsurprisingly, they only put on indiepop bands. Likewise, if you're not a Swedish band, it's pointless emailing a night that only puts on Swedish bands. Take some time to look into the night you'd like to play. Visit their website, check out some of the other bands they've put on in the past, do your research, and then if you feel that you've found some kindred spirits, write a personal email to that promoter. And don't worry if a promoter doesn't get back to you straight away. Many of the promoters listed here only put on a handful of shows a year, so slots are limited. They'll be in touch when a suitable slot comes up.

A quick guide for promoters on how to use this list.

If you are contacted by a band that hasn't bothered reading the above and has just emailed everyone asking if they want to put on their Jethro Tull tribute act, please don't write back with a torrent of abuse. They'll only write to me to complain.

Thanks very much!


Name of night: Purr
City/town: Bath
Venue: At the moment Fopp but we do other venues as one-offs. Fopp's capacity is 100 (but upping to 160 soon)
Which day is your night on: Saturday usually.
Website: myspace.com/purrlive www.purr.org.uk
About us: We put on the best bands in the whole world ever (etc) we also have our very own in house dance troupe The Panther Girls (myspace.com/thepanthergirls) who do synchro-go-go dances to Long Blondes, Gossip, Lulu, Catapult, The Horrors, The Ting Tings and other indie, glam, punk, r&B greats.



Name of night: The Autumn Store
City/town: Birmingham
Venue: The Sunflower Lounge ~80ish but larger venues can be organised.
Which day is your night on: Thursdays/Fridays/Saturdays
Website: www.theautumnstore.co.uk
About us: The Autumn Store is generally a DJ night but we do enjoy putting on bands occasionally. If you see yourselves on our playlists then that's generally a good sign that we'd like you to play in Birmingham.



Name of night: Anglo Svensk Promotions
City/town: Brighton/London/Manchester
Venue: Upstairs at The Prince Albert, Trafalgar Street, Brighton (capacity 90), and The Good Ship, 289 Kilburn High Road, London, NW6 (capacity 240).
Which day is your night on: Various dates
Website: www.anglosvensk.co.uk
About us: Brighton-based promoter working specifically with Swedish artists. Local support acts always needed in the above cities.



Name of night: Loose
City/town: Cardiff
Venue: Clwb Ifor Bach (200) or sometimes The Point for extra special massive shows (500) or sometimes Dempseys for extra special tiny shows (110)
Which day is your night on: Any day
Website: www.myspace.com/looseclub
About us: Anything indie really, no pub rock + nothing too trendy either. Recent acts include Neko Case, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Great Lakes, Thomas Truax, Schwervon!, Vic Godard, Mark Eitzel (American Music Club), Essex Green.

Name of night: Miaw!Miaw!Miaw!
City/town: Cardiff
Venue: Clwb Ifor Bach - Capacity 200 top floor main hall/180 bottom bar
Which day is your night on: Thurs mainly
Website: www.myspace.com.clwbiforbach / www.myspace.com/miawmiawmiaw
About us: The night consists of usually 2/3 bands, handpicked by Miaw!Miaw!Miaw!, then a splattering of the best new wave/60s psych/scuzz/indie pop/post punk 7"s being played by the delightfully giddy Vinyl Vendettas (usually ending up with a shindig back at Miaw!'s abode!!!!).

Name of night: Peppermint Patti
City/town: Cardiff
Venue: Cardiff - Chapter Arts Centre. It's a black box theatre (with dressing room & showers woo hoo) about 180 capacity, plus there's a lift to load in & out.
Which day is your night on: we always try for a weekend - preferably Friday or Saturday, we don't have a fixed date - we have to just fit in around whatever else is on in the theatre
Website: www.peppermintpatti.co.uk or www.myspace.com/peppermintpatticouk
About us: We are DIY promoters, with a feminist ethos who promote female fronted bands or bands including 50% women - generally punk / DIY indie etc. Bands who have played our night include Gossip; Spider and the Webs; Partyline; Victorian English Gentlemen's Club; Hot Puppies; Manic Cough; Schla La Las; Das Wanderlust.



Name of night: Ban This Filth!
City/town: Cambridge
Venue: may vary. Currently being lovingly hosted by Cellar Bar 8, a professionally-graffitied ex-stripclub located in a decadent basement almost underneath a shopping centre. It holds about 100-150 people, depending on how well they want to get to know each other.
Which day is your night on: Saturdays. Usually.
Website: www.myspace.com/lesfilthes
About us: We aim to take the concept of an 'indie club', turn it inside out and feed it through a supercomputer constructed of delay pedals, sex toys and Chicks On Speed records. We like to put on bands and have hosted such lovely people as Miss Pain, Lets Bitter Cinema, The Ape Drape Escape, The Resistance, Popular Workshop. If you like making some joyous electropostpunk noise, we'd like to hear from you.

Name of night: Crushing Death & Grief
City/town: Cambridge
Venue: Usually The Portland Arms (100 cap), though sometimes CB2 cellar (cap. 40?) for quieter stuff.
Which day is your night on: Usually Sun-Thu
Website: www.crushingdeath.com
About us: A bit of allsorts, really. From freefolk and drone through to indiepop and stupid party music. People we've put on in 2008 include HEALTH, MV & EE, James Blackshaw, Trencher, alto45, a.P.A.t.T., Hey Colossus, Spectre Folk System and The Drift.



Name of night: Don't Go Home...With Your Hard On
City/town: Coventry
Venue: Taylor John’s House (175 capacity)
Which day is your night on: Varies, mainly Friday
Website: www.toughloverecords.com or www.myspace.com/toughloveonmyspace
About us: Like a party at the Black Country museum. Flat caps and canaries optional. Bands that have played, include: Jeffrey Lewis, I Love Poland, Pete and the Pirates, The Sequins, Kotki Dwa, Popular Workshop, Rubicks, Disco Drive, Untitled Musical Project, Smokers Die Younger.



Name of night
: Painting By Numbers
City/town: Dundee
Venue: Whereever we like
Which day is your night on: Various
Website: www.myspace.com/paintingby123
About us: Painting by Numbers is Lorri and Johnny (Art Student and Trainee Accountant, respectively) venturing into the ethical side of gig promotion. Based in Dundee, it's a nightmare waiting on some of your favourite bands and acts coming to town so we both decided to do it ourselves. We try to keep our bands happy with food and jovial conversation and proceeds from the gig are split between the bands after costs are covered. We aren't a profit seeking duo, we don't really do the work or the entertainment!



Name of night: SOS: Sounds Of Sweden
City/town: Glasgow
Venue: Varies but usually the Admiral Bar, 72 Waterloo Street (100/150 capacity)
Which day is your night on: Varies
Website: www.soundsofsweden.com www.myspace.com/soundsofsweden
About us: We serve up tasty aural treats from the finest purveyors of Scandinavian pop. Featuring live sets from Swedish and Scottish bands.

Name of night: Out to Play
City/town: Glasgow
Venue: Brel (100 capacity). The shows are acoustic-only - however we've recently been booking other venues like Oranmor, Sleazy's and Blackfriars for electric nights!
Which day is your night on: every Thursday
Website: www/myspace.com/outtoplayatbrel
About us: Every Thursday night, in the observatory of Brel in Ashton Lane, the gents from Say Dirty Records host Out To Play. The bands we've had playing include: St Judes Infirmary, Lucky Luke, Monica Queen, Bricolage, Roy Moller, Twilight Sad. The night is usually free entry, unless an established act has been booked.

Name of night: Drive Carefully
City/town: Glasgow
Venue: 13th Note (about 100ish)
Which day is your night on: usually 3rd Saturday
Website: www.drivecarefullyrecords.co.uk www.myspace.com/drivecarefullyrecords
About us: Eclectic, DIY and non-profit, all money is split equally bewteen the 3 bands and Drive Carefully (we put our cut in the kitty for future DIY releases on Drive Carefully records). All bands get an equal set (30 minutes) so there no headliners.

Name of night: Go-ra-ga
City/town: Glasgow
Venue: various
Which day is your night on: various
Website: www.myspace.com/goraga
About us: Go-ra-ga exists to find gigs for touring bands outwith Drive Carefully's rigid regular night. Keeping to the same non-profit and DIY principles, we aim to keep our bands well-fed and well-paid.

Name of night: The Winchester Club
City/town: Glasgow, UK
Venue: Woodside Social Club (250)
Which day is your night on: Second Saturday of every month
Website: http://www.myspace.com/thewinchesterclub
About us: We tend toward the indiepop side of things, though we put on a fairly wide variety of bands. They are followed by resident DJs of the pop/indie/electro/rock variety.



Name of night:
Tip Toe Records
City/town: Leeds
Venue: The Packhorse
Which day is your night on: Friday/Saturday usually.
Website: myspace.com/tiptoerecordsuk
About us: We put on anything indie really. Bands who have played our night include: Aereogramme, Yourcodenameismilo, Jetplanelanding, getoutofcities, Red Trees, jeniferver, black mountain and many more.



Name of night: How Does It Feel To Be Loved?
City/town: London
Venue: We’ve promoted shows at the Brixton Windmill (150), JAMM (200), the Luminaire (250), and 100 Club (300).
Which day is your night on: Varies
Website: www.howdoesitfeel.co.uk
About us: We’ve been putting on club nights for dancing since April 2002, and live shows since April 2005, promoting indie pop bands such as Saturday Looks Good To Me, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, Tilly And The Wall, I’m From Barcelona, Butcher Boy, Lucky Soul, Fanfarlo, Sambassadeur and Cats On Fire. We’re always keen to hear from new bands.

Name of night: Conceited Presents
City/town: London
Venue: Varies
Which day is your night on: Saturday, once every 3 months.
Website: www.strangefascination.co.uk
About us: 4 bands - indie pop/rock influences mainly but I don't mind something a bit different if it fits in well. DJs and cakes in between and after bands.

Name of night: Basement Scam
City/town: London
Venue: Buffalo Bar (150)
Which day is your night on: 4th Friday of the Month
Website: www.fortunapop.com
About us: It's usually 4 bands and then dancing afterwards until late. Although I put on a variety of types of music, from very twee to very loud, I try and put together bills where the other bands’ audience may like what you do. We try and pay everyone well and make sure everyone has a good time, me included! I also promote at a variety of other places too, so even if this night doesn't work for you I may be able to do something elsewhere.

Name of night: Lostmusic Presents
City/town: London
Venue : In the past we have used - Brixton Windmill (150), and the Luminaire (250). We will also be using The Horse And Groom (70) in Shoreditch, and possibly The Pleasure Unit (150) in Bethnal Green and The Good Ship (240) in Kilburn.
Which day is your night on: Any day of the week.
Website: www.lostmusic.co.uk/presents
About us: Lostmusic Presents is interested in putting on the finest in indiepop, shoegaze and noisepop bands. We currently put on one gig a month.

Name of night: The Good Ship
City/town: Kilburn, London
Venue: The Good Ship, 240 capacity
Which day is your night on: Every day
Website: www.thegoodship.co.uk
About us: We are a venue rather than a specific night but we put on all sorts from indiepop to folk, to electronica to shoegaze. If anyone wants to book a night of bands we do not charge a venue hire fee.

Name of night: Shot By Both Sides
City/town: New Cross, London, SE14
Venue: New Cross Inn. Capacity 300 (er, allegedly, probably more like 200-250).
Which day is your night on: 3rd Friday of each month
Website: www.myspace.com/shotbybothsidesclub
About us: Shot By Both Sides presents a soundtrack of '60s garage, psych, freakbeat, C86-indie, northern soul - psychedelicsoulnrocknrollmentalism - alongside 4 of the world's most spektakular beat combos, every third Friday of the month.

Name of night: White Heat
City/town: London
Venue: Madame JoJo's (200)
Which day is your night on: Tuesday
Website: www.whitheatmayfair.com www.myspace.com/whiteheatmayfair
About us: Uber Cool(!) London Weekly. Djs till 3am, bands 8 - 10:30. Previous acts include: Suburban Kids with Biblical Names, Maximo Park, The Long Blondes, Fanfarlo, Voxtrot, British Sea Power, Good Shoes etc. etc.

Name of night: Sounds XP Presents
City/town: London
Venue: Depends! We have used Purple Turtle, Bar Monsta (100), The Fly (100), The Windmill (150), amongst others.
Which day is your night on: Random as we have no set night or venue. We have done gigs on Wednesdays, Thursday and Saturdays.
Website: www.soundsxp.com & www.soundsexperience.com
About us: The music we prefer is alternative, punkish power pop and indie pop. Bands we have put on to date include Santa Dog, Fonda 500, The Tamborines, The Bridge Gang, The Schla La Las, Lucky Soul, The Sequins etc. We also do joint nights with other labels/clubs such as Purr & Tough Love and are happy to look at such partnerships again.

Name of night: Nashville-on-Thames
City/town: London
Venue: Buffalo Bar (150)
Which day is your night on: 3rd Sunday of month
Website: myspace.com/takethisclubandshoveit
About us: Proper country music about drinking whiskey and kicking ass. Resident DJs play old-school and new-school country, from George Jones and Merle Haggard to Old 97s and Robbie Fulks. One live band per night.

Name of night: PopArt
City/town: London
Venue: Varies... our usual venues are Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes (400) and Lark In The Park (120)
Which day is your night on: Varies... we currently have a monthly residency (a Sunday afternoon / evening) at Bloomsbury
Website: www.popartlondon.co.uk
Email address: please contact us via MySpace www.myspace.com/popartclub
About us: PopArt has quickly built a cult reputation. Known for being a storming night, free of pretension and we see it as a "fanzine presented via the medium of club night". PopArt nights often have a theme such as "Bowl & Sebastian" or "Brit-PopArt". We are lucky enough to have had acts such as Saturday Looks Good To Me, Lucky Soul, Language Of Flowers, Monica Queen, Jim Bob (ex- Carter USM), And What Will Be Left Of Them?, The Laurel Collective and The Indelicates play live sets.

Name of night: Pop, Look & Listen
City/town: London
Venue: Barden's (300), the Enterprise (80).
Which day is your night on: It varies; there's no regular night yet
Website: www.poplookandlisten.co.uk/
About us: Pop, Look & Listen combines indiepop, electropop, folktronica, exotica and leftfield influences from all over the international pop underground. We put on occasional gigs for bands, and a regular DJ night is in the works.

Name of night: Hooked Up
City/town: London
Venue: The Social (200), Good Ship (240), Punk (270)
Which day is your night on: Last Sunday of the month at The Social. Second Sunday at the Good Ship for our acoustic night (un)Hooked Up. Various nights at Punk.
Website: www.hookeduprecords.co.uk
About us: Our nights feature anything from dark burlesque-ish bands to indie bands. Generally a featured artist or two with some support slots available

Name of night: Cripple Creek
City/town: London
Venue: In the past we've used Green Note in Camden (100), Bullet Bar in Kentish Town (200) and Embassy Bar in Highbury/Islington (100).
Which day is your night on: Normally Thursdays but it's not a regular fixture
Website: www.myspace.com/cripplecreekferry
About us: We are a folk, alt.country and blues night, featuring singer-songwriters & bands. Befriend us on myspace to hear about upcoming fixtures

Name of night: Spiral Scratch
City/town: London
Venue: The Windmill Brixton (150), Horse & Groom (80), The Enterprise (80)
Which day is your night on: varies
Website: www.spiralscratchpop.com || www.myspace.com/spiral_scratch
About us: Spiral Scratch are club night and gig promoters with a love of new and
old indie pop and electropop. Previous bands at Spiral Scratch nights include Suburban Kids with Biblical Names, Cats on Fire, Pipas, Persil and Loveninjas.

Name of night: Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
City/town: London
Venue: Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes (400)
Which day is your night on: Monday, Wednesday and Friday with out-of-house Promoters covering all other nights (except Tuesday).
Website: www.bloomsburylive.com
About us: We do quite a few nights at the Bloomsbury with various different genres. There's always loads going on and I'm always looking for new bands.

Name of night: Pssst!
City/town: London
Venue: Various - currently doing a regular slot at Fopp records on Tottenham Court Road
Which day is your night on: Various - mostly Saturdays or Fridays.
Website: www.myspace.com/pssstuk
About us: We're all about good music, generally with indie-rock-pop stripes but interested in anything so long as it's good, and keeping it fun and friendly rather than cliquey or po-faced. We'll try to put together line-ups that fit as a themed night, and make it free or very cheap on the door. Bands that have played previous events we've run include The Laurel Collective, The Sam I Am, Mr David Viner, The Bicycle Thieves, Polyphonic Man, The Sunset Gun, and more.

Name of night: Offline
City/town: London
Venue: We've put on shows at Brixton JAMM (200), Prince Albert (150), Dogstar (300) and
Ritzy (100).
Which day is your night on: Last Thursday of the month.
Website: www.urban75.org/offline/
About us: Run by the non-profit website urban75.com, Offline nights are always free, with bands being paid two pints of beer per member. The club night usually features four live bands, cabaret, poetry, stand up and
a shedload of DJs playing an eclectic mix of post-punk, electro, Motown, indie and ska.

Name of night: Let's Go Baboon
City/town: London
Venue: Brixton Windmill, Luminaire, 12 Bar, Spitz, Bardens Boudoir.
Which day is your night on: Any night of the week, every 4-6 weeks usually
Website: www.myspace.com/letsgobaboon
About us: We aim for charming if slightly chaotic nights with a mix of 3-4 upcoming acts together with a good headline, plus a guest DJ to help out who we know can spin good tunes. Acts we've had on are Charlie Parr, Adrian Crowley, THe Wave Pictures, David Cronenberg's Wife, Thomas Truax, Cheese on Bread, Al Duvall, My Sad Captains, David Dondero, Bracken, SJ Esau & lots more...Always keen for new and interesting sounds.

Name of night: Nocturne Folks/Contrary Motion
City/town: London
Venue: The Half Moon, Herne Hill (approx 220 capacity)
Which day is your night on: Friday and Thursday
Website: www.kaparte.info
About us: Monthly nights in South London showcasing bands/acts with a twist of 'noir' of the following genres: indie-pop-punk, avant-garde, progressive, alternative, neo, anti and dark folk, electro, dark glam

Name of night: Liar Liar Club
City/town: New Cross, London
Venue: New Cross Inn
Which day is your night on: First Saturday of the month. Third Friday of the month.
Website: www.myspace.com/liarliarclub
About us: 60's, PSYCH, SOUL, BEAT and MOD. (Also shoegaze and neo psych bands are more than welcome)

Name of night: Damnably
City/town: London
Venue: Brixton Windmill, Catch, The Social W1, The Wilmington Arms, The Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes.
Which day is your night on: Any night of the week, 1-3 times a month
Website: www.myspace.com/damnablypresents
About us: DIY not for profit collective. We put on the best in new, groundbreaking or just plain genius acts from all genres and all over the world. We love John Peel and play edits of his shows inbetween bands and Podcast a bi-weekly net radio show with sessions and live shows @ www.damnably.com. Acts we have put on include: Chris Brokaw, P.W. Long, Thee More Shallows, OMO, Agatha, Lazarus Clamp, Spraydog, Lonelady, MJ Hibbett and the Validators, Airport Girl, The Breaking Colts, Dredlunadare, Instruments(UK),Mordros, Calvin Party. Last harbour, Wintergreen, Pale Man Made and Former Utopia.


Name of night: Hey! Manchester
City/town: Manchester
Venue: Various - between 50 and 500 capacity
Which day is your night on: All nights
Website: www.heymanchester.com
About us: Folk and Americana nights usually comprising a touring band and appropriate local support. Acts past and present include Jens Lekman, Final Fantasy, Espers, Danielson, Six Organs of Admittance, Sodastream, Alasdair Roberts, Band of Horses, Vetiver and Of Montreal. We use the Roadhouse, the Phoenix, Kro Bar, the Kings Arms, the Klondyke Club and other venues.

Name of night: Killing Fantasy
City/town: Manchester
Venue: Retro Bar (100) and various other locations for special events.
Which day is your night on: Last Thursday of the Month
Website: www.myspace.com/clubkillingfantasy
About us: Since starting the night in November 2003, we've held our monthly mix-up of gin, fancy frocks and synchronised dance routines. We're got a female-focused playlist, which can feature anything from The Slits to Dolly Parton and even after three years, we're usually the first on the dancefloor! We're keen to hear from bands, burlesque dancers, bedroom DJs and anybody else who thinks they would enjoy playing with us. We'll also do stand-alone events, so get in touch!

Name of night: Female Trouble
City/town: Manchester
Venue: Various
Which day is your night on: Various
Website: www.myspace.com/femaletroublemanchester
About us: Female Trouble is a group of like-minded feisty females from Manchester, UK. Inspired by our favourite grrrl discos and distros, we host fundraisers for female-focused charities and organisations and put on gigs and clubnights.

Name of night: Are Friends Eclectic?
City/town: Manchester
Venue: Retro Bar, Sackville Street
Which day is your night on: 1st Thursday of the month
Website: www.myspace.com/arefriendseclectic
About us: We are the only club night in Manchester that changes form every month. Every month we have a different themed event and past events have seen us have punk nights, riot grrl nights, Morrissey/Smiths tribute nights, aftershows, fundraisers etc. We are not for profit and do not lump ourselves in any scene. If you play in a band, are a poet, artist or performer of any kind/genre we want to hear from you.


Name of night: Pop Klubb
City/town: Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Venue: Retreat @ St Dominics, New Bridge Street (120 capacity)
Which day is your night on: Various dates
Website: www.myspace.com/popklubb
About us: The North-East's first indie pop social club, specialising in Swedish indie pop, 60s girl groups, C86, Sarah Records, classic indie pop, twee. Hoping to showcase up and coming Swedish acts later in the year. Local supports needed too.

Name of night: The Cuckoo's Nest
City/town: Newcastle Upon Tyne
Venue: Various Venues around the city - The Other Rooms (250 cap); The Cluny (300); The Cumberland Arms (100); The Head of Steam (130); Retreat (200); anywhere we can fit in!
Which day is your night on: We do gigs whenever and wherever fits, weekdays for bigger events/ touring bands, weekends for one off special events.
Website: www.myspace.com/cuckoosnestnewcastle; www.thecuckoopress.co.uk
About us: It's all about love not money, so our events always have something of the special about them - from the ever present pink cakes and activity corner (namely, a knitting corner), to painstakingly produced DJ sets and playlist CDs, and bands chosen with utmost care and attention. We're often referred to as a 'DIY fanzine collective' due to our in-house national magazine, The Cuckoo Press. Lots of external press interest, from NME, Artrocker, Fact, Elle, and Metro, to local magazines offering previews of, apparently, the hippest place to be! haha! Choice soundbites: 'Wacky' (?!?); 'Ultra Hip' (ooh); 'Disastrous' (more likely)....



Name of night: Club Hungry Audio
City/town: Norwich
Venue: Norwich Arts Centre (300), Marquee (100)
Which day is your night on: Random times. But usually a Friday or Saturday
Website: www.hungryaudio.co.uk
About us: Hungry Audio is also a label based in Norwich. We put on gigs and club nights featuring live sets both as part of other events at the Arts Centre and as stand alone events. Previous bands we've put on include Sonic Boom, Helene, The Telescopes, Sennen, Sargasso Trio, Mark Gardener + Loz Colbert, Rory McVicar, Paper Tigersound, Fiel Garvie, The Walk Off, The Early Years.



Name of night: Don't Start Feeling All "Romantic"
City/town: Nottingham
Venue: Various
Which day is your night on: Various
Website: www.dontstartfeelingallromantic.co.uk
About us: Nottingham based clubnight and promoters using various venues around Nottingham - playing and putting on indiepop, c86, avant-garde, folk, noisy stuff, synthpop and whatever else we want.

Name of night: bUTTONpUSHER
City/town: Nottingham/Derby
Venue: Various
Which day is your night on: Various
Website: www.myspace.com/buttonpusherclubnight
About us:  Not for profit D.I.Y promoter putting on the best Post-Rock, Indie and Experimental bands from around the world. We've put on bands like And so i watch you from afar, Adebisi shank, Rolo Tomassi, Hot Bone, Blakfish, Maybeshewill, Let our enemies beware, Cutaways, Tapasia, Double handsome dragons, Alright the captain, Buenos Aires and have a busy schedule of shows lined up!



Name of night: Swiss Concrete
City/town: Oxford
Venue: Port Mahon, 80
Which day is your night on: About every 2 weeks, but any day!
Website: www.myspace.com/swissconcrete
Email address: russ@russellsreviews.co.uk
About us: Run by music fans, for music fans. A hassle free night for bands, who all get paid a share of the door. Most of all, it's fun!



Name of night: Monkey Suit
City/town: Reading
Venue: The Oakford (150)
Which day is your night on: (usually) Monthly
Website: www.myspace.com/monkeysuitmusic
About us: We run a night for music lovers by music lovers. We tend to put on alt rock bands and acoustic performers. Some of the bands who have played for us in the past include Gear, Godwits , A Genuine Freakshow and Farewell Finito. We carefully select any band that plays for us, looking after them and make sure our DJs play electric tunes.


Name of night: Culture as a dare
Town: Southend on Sea
Venue: The Royal Hotel on Southend High Street, in either the Basement or the Ballroom.
Website: http://www.myspace.com/cultureasadare
About us: DIY promotors attempting to provide an eclectic array of events throughout the year, varying in genre from folk, to drone, mathrock, indie, twee, noise and electronica. We're fairly new, but so far we've had the Dead Rat Orchestra and Beatglider headline for us.



Name of night: Sunny Inside
City/town: Stoke-on-Trent
Venue: The Glebe (approx 200 capacity)
Which day is your night on: Friday or Saturday
Website: www.wearehorowitz.com
About us: A semi-regular indiepop night at present!




If you'd like to suggest a promoter for this list or tell us more about one of the promoters we've already listed, please email promoters@howdoesitfeel.co.uk





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