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My travel tips: The Hidden Cameras
Singer Joel Gibb raves over bubble machines, fried haloumi, and boxes full of cool vinyl on his world tour of favourites

What's your favourite city in the world?

"Berlin because it is huge and grey and romantic and epic!"
Favourite venue?
"Barrymores in Ottawa, we have played there three times now and love it there. It's an old theatre and the crowd in Ottawa always dance. And they have a bubble machine!"
What's been the best gig you've seen? Where was it and what made it so amazing?
"Diamanda Galas, Zion Church, Kichener ON. All the elements were in place: the lighting, her drawn out entrance, the strobe-lights used sparingly halfway through and her performance, the piano playing and of course the singing."
Favourite music festival?
"Primavera, Barcelona. They are so nice there and they always have good bands to see."
Favourite bar/pub in the world?
"A bar is a bar."
Favourite record shop?
"Princeton Record Exchange, in Princeton New Jersey. Lots of special things to find in all their boxes of vinyl! And it's cheap!"
Favourite club night?
"Duckie, London, cause it's at the Vauxhall Tavern and they play good music and the kids that run it are sweet."
Favourite art gallery/museum?
"Art metropole, Toronto, started by General Idea and they have a lot of art multiples and books and good food at their openings. What's not to like?"
Favourite restaurant?
"Babel, Berlin. The best fried haloumi I've had."
Favourite place to go shopping?
"By The Pound, Goodwill, Toronto, Canada. Recently relocated to the suberbs (its original building demolished just this year), this grand thrift store offered all clothing for $2.00 a pound."
Favourite place to get away from it all?
"A conscious dream state because it's all in the mind in the end."
Worst overseas hangover of the last five years - where were you and what caused it?
"I don't really get hungover on tour, but the last time I was sick from drinking was a year ago at home after a party."
Recommend one great thing about your hometown.
"Toronto Island, take the ferry there and then go to the beach. Hanlan's Point is probably the best part."
Anywhere else in the world we should visit?

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