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HDIF001 - Various Artists, "The Kids At The Club" - Released Sept 2006

Voxtrot, "The Start Of Something"
I'm From Barcelona, "We're From Barcelona"
Irene, "Stardust"
Saturday Looks Good To Me, "Edison Girls"
Butcher Boy, "Days Like These WIll Be The Death Of Me"
Lucky Soul, "Give Me Love"
Fanfarlo, "Elephant Graveyard"
Salty Pirates, "Black Minds, White Lies"
Tender Trap, "Ampersand"
Stars Of Aviation, "Marie Et L'Accordeon"
Wintergreen, "The Magic Road"
Shimura Curves, "Noyfriend"
The Gresham Flyers, "Blackpool"
Language Of Flowers, "You're The One"
Amida, "Virtue Was Your Downfall"
Strange Idols, "She's Gonna Let You Down Again"
Pocketbooks,"The First World Record"
Fosca, "I've Agreed To Something I Shouldn't Have"
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, "Seems To Be On My Mind"

“The Kids At The Club” is a 19-track indiepop compilation, featuring many of the bands that either DJ-ed at HDIF in our first four years of existence, or played at our HDIF Presents nights in Brixton.

Even though the compilation only featured the indie side of the club (maybe one day we’ll get around to doing a soul version of “The Kids At The Club”!), I wanted the CD to be as close to the club in a box as possible. So I spent hour agonising over the tracklisting, sequencing it as I would a DJ set, and then when it came to the mastering making sure the gaps between the songs were short so it all flowed naturally. I remember Andy the recording engineer joking that no-one listened to albums in order any more (so me meticulously counting the seconds between the tracks was a bit of a waste of our time). But I’m glad we did it, as I heard stories of people putting on the compilation at parties that year, and a few reviews commented on the sequencing, and it just gave the final thing a real spring in its step.

Our cover stars are James and Katey. The photograph was taken at The Phoenix in central London on November 18th, 2005. I don’t know what James has just said to Katey, but I can imagine he was doing his best to wind her up while I was taking the photo. In the CD booklet, there’s a spread of photos taken during the first four years of the club, featuring many of our regulars from the early days, and myself and Emerald who did the design spent an age making sure they were in the right order too. In a way, those photos in the booklet are as much a part of the compilation as the songs on the CD – or at least that’s how it feels to me, anyway. A French music magazine called Magic reprinted the spread and everyone looked fantastic, gloriously stylish in black and white.

Also in the booklet are some sleevenotes where I write about each band and their connection to HDIF. I guess I wanted to talk about the history of the club and about the bands, but a dry, chronological account didn’t really seem right, so in the end I just strung some ink polaroids together and hoped for the best. Reading them back now is a bit like reading pages torn out of the diary of the club – or maybe like gathering memories the morning after a great night out.






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how does it feel to be loved? record label - home of butcher boy, the uk label for "fill up the room" by saturday looks good to me





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