how does it feel to be loved? is a london club night playing indie pop, northern soul, tamla motown, girl groups, and sixties heartbreak
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Anyone who had a heart



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Belle & Sebastian - officially the best Scottish band ever! Stuart's diary is always entertaining.
Camera Obscura - Suitably stylish site for the Glasgow indie pop dreamsters. Be sure to check out Tracyanne and Carey's gorgeous charity shop dresses in the photo gallery.
Cinerama -David Gedge's excellent post Wedding Present outfit
The Draglamps - The Isle Of Man's finest indie band, no question!
Happy Couple - German indie pop DJ and music duo.
June Brides - When I first moved to London in the late 80s, all of the fanzines asked one question: "Did you cry when the June Brides split up?" Most common answer: yes. With good reason.
Killermontstreet - Everything you'd ever want on Aztec Camera and Roddy Frame - The ultimate Morrissey news and fan site. Excellent - Online home of the wonderful Spearmint
The Wolfhounds - A gentleman, a man of taste and a fine singer. Learn more about Senor Callahan here


Blissaquamarine - Non profit, DIY tape label keeping the indie pop torch aflame!
Bubbyworld - Blimey, here's a name from my past. Richard Coulthard: Waaah label boss, Screeming Custard devotee, indie pop guru! Hello Richard. How are you?
Bus Stop - Excellent indie label, for Jasmine Minks, Phil Wilson solo, and lots more - Excellent Creation site. If you want to know more about those House Of Love and Teenage Fanclub records we spin at How Does it Feel?, go here
Dreamy Records - A home for sleepy people. Pay a visit.
Little Teddy - Andy from Little Teddy put out a single by the Television Personalities called "How Does It Feel To Be Loved?" Cool pedigree, but that's not where I got the name from. I imagine we both swiped it from the same original source...
Shinkansen - The Sarah 100 advert says it all
Track And Field - Fine club night, label, people, all you could ever want


The Actionettes - Brilliant all girl dance troupe. Host their own Sophisticated Boom Boom club night in London.
Bitterscene - Chelmsford's coolest indie night out
Great Big Kiss - Northern soul, Motown, 60s girl groups and rock'n'roll at the Buffalo Bar
Instant Whip - Paul Court of the Primitives serves up funky psych, northern soul, mod jazz, freakbeat, indie, retro futurist and sampladelica at this Coventry club night. . .
National Pop League - Yahoo Group for the legendary Glasgow club.
Offbeat - Top notch indie club in Sheffield, playing the sounds that make your heart tremble
On Air Club - Club night in Valencia connected to Toxicosmos/Yanopuedomas
Strange Fruit - Cool indie pop/post-rock/electronica collective and fellow club DJs. Check out their night Crimes Against Pop at the Buffalo Bar, north London.
Stolen Wine Social - Cool indie pop club in Toronto. Superb playlist
Sweden Made Me - Brighton club with an excellent Swede-centric playlist.
Walls Of Heartache - Andy Strickland's Walthamstow soul shindig
The Winchester Club - Excellent indie pop club in Glasgow and our live link up partners.


Chatbusters - Ezine dedicted to Motown. Does it get any better? Musically...not really...
Do Something Pretty - Riding from Calayfornayaay...superb indie pop fanzine
Drowned In Sound - By music junkies for music junkies
Friends Of The Heroes - Creativity and passion in a extremely cool web fanzine
Popnews - Excellent and exhaustive French site catering for all your indie pop needs
Slow Magazine - "Ian, thanks for getting back to me so soon, glad you like the site (a ten
second glance always gives a good impression, I find)" - Damn, rumbled again!
Soundsxp - Exhaustive alterntive music webzine
Stolen Kisses - Fantastic name. Matthew of Stolen Kisses wrote to say our "musical canon is exemplary". Ah, bless. We hope we can live up to his high praise
Tasty Fanzine - A little bit wooar, a little bit woaah...


Bowlie - Forum for indie pop fans. Essential for UK fans and beyond.
Copacetic - Indie pop blog with a crush on Breakfast At Tiffany's. Us too
Fraction Discs - Indie pop mail order company based in Sweden. Find those difficult to track down sevens here!

Ian Watson - My website. Contains reviews and interviews from my day job as a music critic.
Indie MP3 - Thank you Lord! A whole load of C86-era goodies to download. There's the playlist for the next club night sorted then.
Indiepages - Everything about everything indie pop!
Kitten Painting- The world of indie pop viewed through the eyes of a feline
London Gig Guide - Pick of London's best live shows, updated weekly
The Modern Age - Drop dead garage indie cool adoring blog straight outta NYC
My Islington - Excellent events guide for Islington and environs. Includes an interview about HDIF here
Pop Revolution - Danish indiepop promoters and DJs based in Aarhus. Responsible for a superb annual indie pop festival.
Toxicomos - Spanish indie pop radio show that, along with fellow show Yanopuedomas, hosts the Spanish equivalent of How Does It Feel To Be Loved? in Valencia. The night is called Stop In The Name Of Love and the playlist runs from...The Supremes to Belle & Sebastian. Hmmm: now there's an idea! More power to you, amigos.
Urban75 - From politics and music to drinking and advice on growing marrows, all human life resides at the UK's most lively bulletin boards


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