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"Smiths-indebted Scots who appear on a charming indie compilation, The Kids At The Club. This is their first release, but it's wonderful: if they've got other songs like this, more than compilation appearances await them." - The Guardian

We're very pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Butcher Boy's debut album, "Profit In Your Poetry". Their song “Days Like These Will Be The Death Of Me” was one of the clear highlights of the HDIF compilation, but this is something else entirely. If you like Tindersticks, Felt, The Smiths, or wish that Belle & Sebastian would make another record like “Tigermilk”, then you’ll probably like this. A lot.

"Profit In Your Poetry" was released on March 5th, 2007. Price is £8.99 plus P&P.

Trouble And Desire
There Is No-One Who Can Tell You Where You've Been
Profit In Your Poetry
I Could Be In Love With Anyone
I Lost Myself

Girls Make Me Sick
I Know Who You Could Be
Keep Your Powder Dry
Days Like These Will Be The Death Of Me

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